Are Photographs A Thing Of The Past?

How do you feel when you look at your old photographs, taken decades ago, when you were young? It feels as if they have transported you to a different world. Times have changed a lot since then: your hairline has receded; you now sport a huge pouch, and much more. Thankfully, you can still remember those days because you or your friends and relatives captured them for eternity in these photographs. However, if you look closely, you will note that quite a few of them no longer retain their colour or shine, especially those printed on glossy paper. Apart from this, you had to request the photo processing studio to make multiple copies, so that you could send and share them with your relatives and friends. The cost of printing too was quite costly during those days. However, that changed with the arrival of digital photography and printing through which one could get multiple copies of an image made at a relatively low cost. print management became quite easy, as you had the opportunity to archive those digital photographs on storage media such as flash drives and hard disk drives.

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Sharing becomes easy

The advent of the internet allowed individuals to share their digital photographs with their friends through email. Later on, the arrival of cloud storage allowed them to upload their digital photographs on cloud servers and share the link of the same with others so that they could download the same and print them if required. Many online sites also allow people the opportunity to create digital slideshows of photographs of special events. This allows them to present the images sequentially... from those taken at the start of the program and proceeding to those taken at the end. While standard photographs have a charm of their own, they do not last for long, as the elements damage the dye and the paper on which they were printed. Apart from this, insects such as white ants too take their toll on those photographs, even the carefully preserved ones. Digital photography has eradicated all these problems. If a digitally printed photograph becomes damaged, one can get another copy printed. They can also adjust the colour and the hue of such photographs to make amends for wrong settings when the image was shot.

Sharing images online

Sharing images online hardly takes a couple of minutes. Simply upload them to any image sharing server or a cloud server and forward the link to the same to your friends, colleagues, and loved ones. They can download them instantaneously after receiving the link, and get copies of them printed. You can also digitise your old and undamaged photographs with the help of a professional photographer, so that you have a digital backup in case any damage takes place on the original one. The arrival of social sites like Instagram, which primarily focuses on sharing of photographs allows people to take snaps with their mobiles and upload them online to such sites in real time. Can you imagine sharing photographs of tourist destinations of a different city or country instantaneously? This was not possible in the past.